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The Top 10 Fast Recipes of 2022

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Hi Fast Chefs!

We started this website in 2021 and believe it or not 2022 has been a very good year for We made a lot of quick recipes, so many people shared the recipes, subscribed to our newsletter, sent nice messages and favorably reviewed our recipes and we are grateful for it, it keeps us going!

Thank you for your help, questions, reviews, shares and everything you’ve done, we couldn’t have done it without you!

In the image there are images of the first 3 recipes from our website in 2022.

Top 10 Quick Recipes of 2022

These are our most visited, most cooked and appreciated fast recipes in 2022

  1. Let’s start with the last in our top 10 fast recipes, number 10 is a recipe / cooking tip: learn how to parboil chicken wings to cut down cooking time! On the recipe page there are many tips on how to bake, deep-fry or even grill the chicken wings, after parboiling them. Enjoy!

    close up of parboiled and then baked chicken wings.

    How to Parboil Chicken Wings
    Learn how to parboil chicken wings, it’s easy, and it cuts down cooking time. Bake, grill, or deep-fry the wings after parboiling to make them crispy and delicious.
    Check out this recipe
  1. On the ninth spot, the best hummus without garlic, basically if you don’t want to eat garlic but still crave for hummus, you should definitely make this recipe, it’s fast & easy and the taste is even better than the original recipe!

    overhead view of a bowl of garlic free hummus, olives and lemons.

    Best Hummus without Garlic
    This is the best hummus without garlic recipe. Easy to make, incredibly creamy and delicious, and ready in 10 minutes.
    Check out this recipe
  1. What dinner can you cook quick on a busy week day? At number eight we have this leftover spaghetti recipe, try it now, it won’t let you down!

    tangled noodles with bacon and tomatoes close up.

    Quick Leftover Spaghetti Recipe
    The most delicious way of dealing with leftover spaghetti. Fry the pasta with bacon and onions and add some grated cheese, your family will be delighted. Dinner ready in about 20 minutes.
    Check out this recipe
  1. Marinating pork belly is an easy way to add flavor to your meals. In this recipe, we show you how to cook it perfectly!

    overhead view of a plate full of korean style belly bites.

    Easy Marinated Pork Belly
    Spicy marinated pork belly strips, Korean style. Once the pork is marinated, all you need is a pan and less than 10 minutes to get dinner ready.
    Check out this recipe
  1. Of course our home cooks visitors liked our Honey Lemon Pepper Wings, they are delicious and really quick to make.

    close up of many wings on a plate with a bowl of spices.

    Honey Lemon Pepper Wings
    Sweet, lemony, and peppery honey lemon pepper wings. These baked chicken wings make a delicious main meal or a perfect appetizer for parties or the football season.
    Check out this recipe
  1. Our kids and us like to eat macaroni & cheese frequently, so from our culinary experience we would like to share some of our quick mac-n-cheese recipes – mac and cheese without milk. There are many substitutes if you don’t have milk, some of the best options are presented on the recipe page, dairy or non-dairy, check it out below

    creamy no milk macaroni in a brown bowl.

    Mac and Cheese without Milk
    Quick and easy mac and cheese without milk recipe; a creamy, delicious meal ready in about 15 minutes. Comfort food at its best! 
    Check out this recipe
  1. This fresh cucumber cream cheese wrap recipe is a perfect summer appetizer or lunch idea, but it seems that our users like this recipe all year round. The cream cheese and cucumber give it a cool refreshing taste. Try it and write something about it in the comments section!

    many small pinwheels with cucumber and cream cheese decorated with fresh dill.

    Cucumber Cream Cheese Wraps Recipe
    Easy cucumber wraps with cream cheese and dill, a quick and healthy appetizer, or something for the lunch box.
    Check out this recipe
  1. Pinwheels might sound fancy, but they’re actually really easy to make. It’s a fun, delicious & healthy way to serve lunch or dinner for the family during a busy week.

    overhead view of lots of tortilla pinwheels showing the filling.

    Easy Sandwich Pinwheels
    Easy to make tortilla pinwheel sandwiches filled with deli meats and cream cheese. A great party appetizer or picnic food.
    Check out this recipe
  1. Your family craves for macaroni and cheese, but don’t have no flour? No problem, this quick comfort meal is ready in 30 minutes and no one will ever know that it doesn’t contain flour!

    wooden spoon lifting super creamy mac and cheese from a pot.

    Simple Mac and Cheese without Flour
    The creamiest mac and cheese without flour, a comforting and addictive dish! Ready in about 30 minutes.
    Check out this recipe
  1. And the winner is: Quick Pork Belly Bites, this is our top hit super simple and quick recipe, best of 2022! On the recipe page you can find many recommendations and notes for you to cook the best version of this dish!

    sticky pork pieces with soy sauce on a white plate.

    Quick Pork Belly Bites
    Pan-fried pork belly bites, this must be the quickest pork belly recipe there is. Addictive, sweet, and sticky pork pieces perfect for serving as an appetizer or a main meal.
    Check out this recipe

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