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Best Dipping Sauces for Calamari

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20 unique dipping sauces for calamari that will make you lick your fingers. There’s no need to buy bottled sauce; these delicious calamari dips are super-easy and quick to make.

collage of four pictures with title for dips for calamari.

Do you love fried calamari rings as much as we do? Then you must try some of the best dipping sauces for calamari I could find. Because no matter how great a crispy fried calamari ring is, it is even better when dipped into a creamy sauce.

Make a sauce or two and serve them with Air Fryer Frozen Calamari, for instance.

Why are homemade dipping sauces better?

  • Healthier: They contain no additives, preservatives, or other chemicals; they contain less or no sugar.
  • Cheaper: Whipping a sauce at home will cost less than buying a bottle.
  • Fewer leftovers: When I buy a bottle or jar of sauce, I always have trouble finishing it before it goes bad. Homemade sauces are easier to scale, meaning that you will throw less food in the bin and keep down the expenses.
  • Homemade always tastes better!

Let’s start!

Mayonnaise-Based Sauces

  1. Homemade Whole Egg Mayonnaise

This is the simplest and best recipe for making mayonnaise. All you need are a jar and an immersion blender. The result is the best-tasting mayo ever! Use this mayonnaise to make any of the following mayonnaise-based dips.

bowl of homemade mayonnaise with a spoon in it.

Whole Egg Mayonnaise Recipe (Immersion Blender Mayo) – Where Is My Spoon
Amazing whole egg mayonnaise recipe made with an immersion blender in less than 3 minutes.
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2. Spicy Mayo with Sriracha

A weeknight sauce that always saves the day and brings left-overs back to life. It’s umami-packed and versatile, and the best part is that it’s ready in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for fried calamari!

Hi I’m Devan, And I’m Addicted to Spicy Mayo – Braised & Deglazed
More often than not, there’s an emergency bowl of spicy mayo sitting in our fridge. Throw it on fried rice, dip your fried chicken in it and sauce up those left-over vegetables with this easy but super tasty sauce.
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3. Spicy Garlic Aioli

A creamy and garlicky sauce perfect for dipping. Try it with calamari, chicken wings, oven-baked potato wedges, or fries.

creamy aioli on a wooden spoon.

Spicy Garlic Aioli – Munchy Goddess
This creamy and spicy garlic aioli sauce is bursting with garlicky flavor and the right amount of heat. With simple ingredients and ready in minutes, this aioli will transform your burgers, fries and sandwiches into something great!
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4. Lemon Dill Aioli

As you can see, I really love aioli, I’ve tried so many versions, and I never get tired of it. This lemony version with dill is mouth-watering!

deeply yellow lemon dill aioli in a bowl.

Lemon Dill Aioli – Tao of Spice
This simple, made from scratch lemon dill aioli is a great addition to a sandwich or burger and a delicious dip or sauce for fries or fish.
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5. Baja Sauce Recipe (Taco Bell Copycat)

A lighter and delicious version of the Taco Bell sauce made with light mayo, jalapeno, and lots of spices. It’s so easy to make and takes only 10 minutes from start to finish! 

spoon lifting baja sauce from a small bowl.

Easy Baja Sauce Recipe – Garlic Salt and Lime
Baja sauce is creamy and tangy with a little spicy kick! This incredibly delicious white/orange sauce is the perfect way to add lots of flavor to so many of your favorite foods and is most famously known for being a tasty addition to fish tacos, shrimp tacos and seafood.
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6. Quick Cilantro Lime Sauce with Garlic

The sauce is creamy, tangy, and garlicky and can be made in less than 5 minutes. You can’t go wrong in pairing the sauce with any sort of fried delight. From fries to fried calamari or fish, this creamy concoction is the perfect match.

cilantro lime sauce with garlic in a small jar on an orange cloth.

Quick Cilantro Lime Sauce with Garlic – Cooking and Cussing
Quick Cilantro Lime Sauce with Garlic is good on just about anything!
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7. Raising Cane’s Sauce

Raising Cane’s secret sauce is the perfect blend of mayo, ketchup, and spices. This copycat recipe tells you exactly what is in the signature sauce, so you can make it at home.

hand dipping fried food in a jar of sauce.

Raising Cane’s Sauce – Cooking and Cussing
Raising Cane’s Sauce is what makes their fried chicken stand out from all the rest. The irresistible combination of ketchup, mayonnaise and spices is no longer a secret! You can make your own at home.
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8. Remoulade Sauce

This recipe is more like a Louisiana remoulade because of the paprika, cayenne, and mustard. It pairs well with seafood, fried calamari included; it’s tangy and spicy.

remoulade sauce with greens on top in a bowl.

Remoulade Sauce – Drive Me Hungry
This creamy, lemony, smokey, and spicy remoulade sauce pairs amazingly with any seafood! It makes a wonderful crab cake sauce or po’ boy sauce.
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9. Tartar Sauce Recipe

So easy to make and way better than any of the jarred tartar sauce you’ll find at the store, you’ll love this tangy and creamy recipe. Made with dill pickles, fresh dill, and capers.

overhead view of bowl with tartar sauce and lemon slices.

Tartar Sauce Recipe – The Forked Spoon
Homemade Tartar Sauce made with mayonnaise, dill pickles and fresh dill, lemon juice, dijon mustard, and capers.
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Asian-Style Dipping Sauces for Calamari

10. Sweet Chili Sauce

A spicy sauce that is made with readily available ingredients and, as with all foods that we make ourselves, we can control the quality of the ingredients which we use. It is certain to become a staple condiment in your home!

small jar full of glossy red sweet chili sauce on a small plate with a spoon.

Sweet Chilli Sauce – It’s Not Complicated Recipes
Sweet Chilli Sauce – a delicious homemade version of the Asian classic, and so much better than store bought. Also makes a fantastic edible gift!
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11. Easy Yum Yum Sauce

A creamy, tangy, sweet, and savory, mayo-based sauce that’s often served in Japanese hibachi restaurants. A perfectly balanced and easy-to-make sauce that’s not only great with steak but with calamari too.

spoonful and bowl with yum yum sauce.

Yum Yum Sauce – Salt and Lavender
Making this yum yum sauce recipe is so easy at home in under 10 minutes! It’s a creamy, tangy, and sweet sauce that’s addictive and just like your favorite Japanese steakhouse.
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12. Homemade Hoisin Sauce

hoisin sauce in jar.

Homemade Hoisin Sauce – This Mama Cooks
Homemade hoisin sauce from common ingredients in your pantry. Use gluten free hoisin sauce with your favorite Asian food recipes.
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13. Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

A healthier homemade version of the popular teriyaki sauce: soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and sugar-free! A naturally sweet version of the classic to have on hand for any Asian dish, sauce, or marinade!

bowl of dark teriyaki sauce.

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce – Strenght and Sunshine
This Homemade Teriyaki Sauce is the easy, healthy, & allergy-free recipe you need! This simple sauce is soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and sugar-free!
Check out this recipe

14. Bang Bang Sauce

If you like spicy sauce, this is for you. If you like sweet sauce, this is for you. If you’re a creamy sauce fan, then this is for you.

overhead view of a bowl of bang bang sauce.

Bang Bang Sauce – The Oregon Dietitian
Bang bang sauce takes about one minute to whip up, and is perfect to use as a shrimp sauce, for chicken tenders, and even on vegetables!
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15. Classic Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

This dipping sauce is perfectly salty with tons of umami flavor from the fish sauce; it’s tangy from the fresh lime juice and has just the right amount of sweetness.

bowl of glossy vietnamese dipping sauce.

Classic Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (Nước chấm) – Drive Me Hungry
A sweet & tangy classic Vietnamese dipping sauce known as Nước chấm. Made with fish sauce, fresh lime juice & sugar. A delicious spring roll dipping sauce!
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16. Creamy Sweet Chili Sauce

The next time you make calamari or fish sticks, try this delicious seafood sauce alternative. It’s really tasty, really quick, and made with only four ingredients.

hand dipping a nugget in sweet chili sauce.

Creamy Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe – Peter’s Food Adventures
You’ll love this Creamy Sweet Chili Sauce recipe. This will become your new favorite seafood sauce, salad dressing, fry sauce, dip and drizzle
Check out this recipe

Other Dipping Sauces for Calamari

17. Cocktail Sauce Recipe

Delicious savory and spicy cocktail sauce that you won’t be able to resist.

hand dipping a shrimp in cocktail sauce.

Best Cocktail Sauce Recipe (Seafood Sauce) – Little Sunny Kitchen
This simple, zesty and spicy shrimp cocktail sauce recipe pairs perfectly with poached shrimp and creates a beautiful and delicious appetizer.
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18. Copycat McDonald’s Sweet and Sour Sauce

An easy-to-make, healthier and delicious copycat sauce recipe that’s perfect not only for chicken nuggets but for fried calamari as well.

sweet and sour sauce and chicken nuggets.

Copycat McDonald’s Sweet and Sour Sauce – Where Is My Spoon
Homemade copycat McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce.
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19. Easy Spiced Tomato Ketchup

This family favorite condiment, aka homemade ketchup from fresh tomatoes, is easy to make with ingredients you already own or can easily get from the grocery store.

homemade ketchup on a plate with a spoon in it.

Homemade Spiced Tomato Ketchup – Recipes From A Pantry
An easy recipe for making your own homemade spiced ketchup.
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20. Easy Yogurt Mint Sauce

Creamy yogurt mint sauce that takes only minutes to put together. It goes perfectly with veggies, seafood, lamb, or as a topping.

bowl with yogurt mint sauce on a white cloth.

Easy Yogurt Mint Sauce – Where Is My Spoon
Creamy yogurt mint sauce that takes only minutes to put together. It goes perfectly with veggies, seafood, lamb, or as a topping.
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