Did you know that October is the official National Dessert Month?

thefastrecipe.com has prepared for you some sweet treats! Try them now!

Mini Egg Brownies

These squishy Easter mini egg brownies made with Cadbury mini eggs and lots of chocolate are one of the most indulgent recipes for any Holiday or party.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Blondies

Sweet, gooey, fudgy or cakey, simple or with added ingredients like fruits or nuts, made with dark or white chocolate… it doesn’t matter… I love them all!

Easy Strawberry Turnovers (with Puff Pastry)

Easy strawberry turnovers made with flaky puff pastry; this is one of the quickest desserts you could make.

Easy Vanilla Muffin Recipe

These simple vanilla muffins are perfect for birthday parties, bake sales, potlucks, picnics, etc. For the best results see the recipe page.

Chocolate Cherry Brownies


Satisfy your sweet tooth with these gooey chocolate cherry brownies, rich and chocolaty, slightly uplifted by the tiny bits of juicy cherries.

The Best Banana Carrot Muffins

So, whenever we have some overripe bananas lying around, we make a batch of muffins; a large bowl, a mixer, a muffin pan, and a few simple ingredients are all we need.

Red Velvet Mini Bundt Cakes

These mini cakes are perfect for parties or as an after school snack. They're also great for baking on a budget! Beautiful mini desserts ready in no time.

Banana Muffins with Nutella

I am not a fan of eating anything sweet for breakfast, but these sweets… I can't resist them. Breakfast, dessert, snacks, they are delicious any time of the day.

Easy Brownie Blondies Recipe

These brownie blondies are easy to make, super delicious, and ready in less than 30 minutes. All you need are seven ingredients and one bowl.

The best thing about dessert is that there is a flavor for everyone. I hope you found your flavor 😋 if not, come back to thefastrecipe.com, I'm sure we'll find your sweet treat!