Make your favorite dish in record time with this Thermomix Mac & Cheese Recipe! Try it out today and enjoy a quick and easy meal!


– Elbow macaroni – Gouda cheese – Milk – All-purpose flour – Fine sea salt  or Kosher – Ground black pepper – Nutmeg


Cook the pasta: Set the water for the pasta. Once the water is boiling, add salt very generously, stir, and then add the pasta. Set the timer according to the package instructions. 


Most pasta sorts need between 8 and 11 minutes to be ready, enough time for you to get the sauce ready. Swipe up for the full recipe!


Cheese sauce: Once the macaroni is in the pot, cut the cheese into cubes. Place them in the bowl of the Thermomix. Process for 10-13 seconds/ Speed 6 until finely grated.


Add milk, flour, salt, pepper, and a few good gratings of nutmeg. Sprinkle the flour and spices between the knife blades and not on top of the knife.


Cook for 5 minutes/ 90°C/ Speed 4. Combine: Drain the pasta and return it to the pot. Pour the sauce on top and stir well. Serve immediately.

How to serve

Thermomix mac and cheese is best served immediately, but you can reheat the leftovers. For the best results, swipe up to read the whole recipe!

Notes & Tips

▫️Substitute macaroni pasta with any other short shape of pasta. ▫️I mostly use a mix of cheeses. If you only use one sort of cheese, sharp Cheddar or Gouda would be perfect.